Monday, January 5, 2009

Knobworks Vermont


The first full week of the New Year, no snow (currently) and all the ice has melted and with it comes a new hot line to Chown Hardware!

Introducing Knobworks Vermont -

Knobworks Vermont is a four year old company started by designer Justin Metcalfe. Designs featuring hand-blown glass, hand turned wood and milled brass give the line some stunning designs you will not see elsewhere.

Milled brass knobs are made from solid brass barstock that alows seamless hardware that has an amazingly solid feel that you lose with the hollow handled companies. Milling the billets of solid brass eliminates irregularities in the metals that will often spoil the look or finish of a hardware piece. Offered in three primary finishes of brass, patinaed brass & nickel. Polished and brushed nickel are standard on some of the lines. Along with the standard colors, Knobworks also offers custom color matching to make the line "just right".

Hand-turned and finished wood starts with kiln-dried hardwoods that is turned and finished by hand with multiple layers of polyurethane. Offered in multiple exotic hardwoods and and hardwood burls. Either inlayed wood or solid wood handles are available.

Hand-blown glass offers you and your client a touch of artistry for every door. Each piece is made by hand so no two knobs are exactly alike.

Knobworks utilizes Baldwin hardware tubular latches and Accurate Lock mortise locks to make functions and designs for every door in your home

Cabinet hardware in milled brass is also available from the Knobworks company. Currently limited designs, with new designs in the works.

To see a full line of the Knobworks line, just click on the following link - Knobworks

Chown Cache

Chown Hardware would also like to introduce the "Chown Cache." Throughout the month we will be adding hot sale items to the site that will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Limited stock will make these quick movers, so bookmark the site to check in from time to time. Currently we are showcasing Blanco sinks and Robern cabinets to name a few - Chown Cache

Product Knowledge Meetings

Throughout the month Chown Hardware has product knowledge meetings that we would like to invite everyone interested to attend. Meetings are scheduled for twice each Wednesday morning, at 8:30 - 9:30am and 9:30-10:30am. This months schedule is as follows -

1/7 - Neo Metro - Stainless steel plumbing products for residential use
1/14 - Hoppe - Multi-point hardware for both interior and exterior doors
1/21 - Somoma Cast Stone - Custom concrete sinks and tiles for kitchen and bath designs

Please RSVP to to save your spot!!

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