Friday, January 23, 2009

Sonoma Cast Stone

For the past several years Chown Hardware has partnered with Sonoma Cast Stone to provide you with the finest collection of concrete kitchen and bath sinks, tiles, tubs and countertops. Sonoma Cast Stone provides unique top quality products for you and your clients homes.

Before we let you know what's "new and hot", I would like to give a little background to those who aren't familiar with Sonoma Cast Stone. Started by Steve Rosenblatt to replicate tiles he found in Europe, for his own residence, he was urged by friends to produce the products for consumers also.

Over the years with trial and error Sonoma has became a leader in the concrete industry by introducing such things as NuCrete, the worlds only "stainless" concrete. This is as the name states, a truly stainless product that will hold up the the daily rigors of kitchen and bath use. From red wine to catsup, nothing will mar the beauty of these concrete products. And being a proprietary design, you will not find anyone else producing this amazing quality!

Versatility is the best word to describe Somoma Casts 24 standard colors and color matching service. Tiles, countertops, sinks, fireplace surrounds, vent hoods, bathtubs, landscape and furniture are all available to complete the package.

So how does one expand on an already impressive product line? Let me tell you, we are proud to announce the launch of two new lines for Sonoma Cast Stone, "EarthCrete" and "MetalCrete".

EarthCrete is the next generation of concrete products for the home. Still offering the full line of colors and styles as before, it is now even more environmentally friendly. Environmentally sustainable with 44.75% recycled content, less Portland cement than standard thickness wet-cast concrete. Countertops weighing up to 75% less means less carbon output on both manufacturing and shipping. Greater strength eliminates steel re-bar construction and longer sections without seams. With the EarthCrete also comes quicker ship times as the curing process has been sped up with less material to cure. But the biggest news is lower cost to you and your clients.

The next new innovation which I am personally excited to announce is MetalCrete. A blend of concrete and metal into one final product. Nickel, pewter and copper can be added to your sinks and tubs to add another layer of design. Concrete is still available in the full line of colors adding to the versatility. Metals can be either used on interior or exterior of the piece adding a warm, unique design to any home.

Delivery takes 5-7 weeks on standard products and 9-10 weeks on custom pieces. 30 year warranty on NuCrete products.

Product Knowledge Meeting Schedules -

Portland Location Schedule

Chown would like to invite you to our weekly product training meetings. Factory trained represenitives explain new products of the lines and introduce you to new products. Bellevue location meetings are listed below.

Meetings at the Portland are every Wednesday from 8:30-9:30am and a second meeting 9:30-10:30am. Please RSVP to reserve your seat to

2/4 - Baldwin Hardware - See the new products Baldwin has to offer and what makes Baldwin one of the best hardware manufacturers available

2/11 - Steamist - Bringing the luxury of steam to your home. Specifyng and sizing tips, health benefits and adding value to your home

2/18 - Jado & Porcher - Porcher & Jado, the manufacturer of fine fixtures has merged with a leader in elegant plumbing supply. Learn about new product designs, along with timeless classics

2/25 - FSB - German quality door hardware that has taken the residential and commerical construction by storm. Function and design, learn how it is brought togeather in one handle

Bellevue Location Schedule -

Meetings at the Bellevue location are held at 8:30-9:30am Tuesdays. Please RSVP to to reserve your seat

2/24 - FSB - German quality door hardware that has taken the residential and commercial construction by storm. Function and design, lean how it is brought together in one handle

3/10 - KWC / Hansa - Swiss qualtiy for your kitchen and bathrooms, See cutting edge designs along with the classics that has made KWC and Hansa a lifetime quality faucet

4/7 - Valli & Valli - Italian designed door hardware and bath accessories. Well thought out designs that will add a touch of Europe to any home.

5/19 - Dornbracht - You have used the line in your top projects, been thrilled with the qualtiy it's provided, now learn what is new and exciting in this leader in faucet designs

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