Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Welcome To The Chown Blog

Welcome to the first installment of the new Chown Hardware blog, a forum to keep designers, builders and architects updated on some of the latest and greatest additions to the already impressive selection that makes Chown Hardware your one stop resource to beautify your home from the inside out.

In the ever changing design field, Chown has access to the finest quality products from all corners of the world. With the contacts and relationships we have built from being in business over 125 years, we carefully select the products that provide style and quality to your projects. In order to keep you abreast on the latest and greatest, we would like to include you in future postings.

For product knowledge, introductions of new lines and changes in the industry, you can count on Chown Hardware to keep you informed.

Sun Valley Bronze

Sun Valley Bronze offers an original and most complete line of hand-crafted and hand-finished solid bronze door, kitchen, bath and cabinet hardware. Created in silicon or white bronze, each piece offers the enduring grace of antiquity, yet fulfills the expectations offered by modern technology. From design concept to hand-finishing, Sun Valley Bronze controls every phase of production. The understated elegance of our contemporary and traditional styles will enhance any architecture and add distinction to every project. GREEN - Sun Valley Bronze hardware is 100% locally manufactured in Idaho. No aspect of the process is outsourced overseas, thus cutting the carbon footprint left by importing and exporting of the products. All of the bronze scrap created as a result of machining and casting operations are reclaimed and reconstituted into art grade bronze.

Being a custom manufacturing company allows Sun Valley Bronze the luxury of making unique custom hardware with different plate designs, sizes and lever options. With all of the predesigned pieces you will most likely find the perfect product already developed. But if its not "just right" if you can draw it, they can make it.

One thing to remember, bronze is a living finish. Light colors will darken and dark colors will lighten this adds to the enduring charm of the hardware. Bronze hardware makes the perfect option for not only the wet environment of the Pacific Northwest, but also the salty air along the ocean.

New products to the market include the "Corrugated Collection" shown on the left and "Circle s" on the right, and more new designs are on the way.

Lead times are based on the quantity and items ordered, and custom projects are always accepted. No job is too big or too small for Sun Valley Bronze. A complete product line is on display at our Portland Showroom and soon to be at the Bellevue location, or on the web site

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Greg Heinze said...

JT and Tim,

Just got your email about the new blog. It will be fun to watch it and hopefully learn about new products. We were fortunate to be able to show the Sun Valley Bronze products in our 2008 Street of Dreams home, Sonoma. When I saw the quality of the materials and design I ordered SVB for my personal residence. Frankly I was a bit surprised at the number of people that have commented on the products, their quality and richness. I am really happy with the look and solid feel. There are photos of Sonoma at our website:

Good luck with the blog and if anyone wants a personal recommendation let me know.

Greg Heinze,
Shelburne Development