Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Black saucers have arrived in the Chown showroom!!  But alas, ET is not visiting but the new lighting clouds have been installed and they look GREAT!!

Now featuring lines from Hinkley Lighting, Hudson Valley Lighting, Fredrick Raymond, Hubbardton Forge, Visual Comfort, Troy Lighting, Capitol Lighting, Progress Lighting.

Contemporary, traditional and transitional designs are now displayed making it even easier to see the fixtures in person and decide which fixture will look the best in your home.
Knowing just how hard it is to pick the perfect light, our very own Jill Torrey is available for on sight lighting consultations or if you want her to come to your office and help specify the perfect light!  Jill is ALA Certified and also an Interior Designer which  will enable you to light the room and make sure it works with your homes design.  You can call for an appointment at 503-243-6500 or e-mail jillt@chown.com

Chown Hardware is striving to be your one stop decorative plumbing, hardware and lighting store. New displays are coming in on a weekly so this will be an evolving display so stop by on a regular basis to see just what is new and hot!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Water Conservation Month

Shouldn't March be the World Water Conservation Month?  The average US citizen uses upwards of 80-100 gallons of water per day!  Showers, drinking water, dishes and flushing the toilet all add up to multiple wasted gallons per day which equate to and impact on the environment and your pocket book.

So what can you do to help save water?  Here at Chown Hardware, we can offer multiple options to help do your part to conserve more water around your personal home.

Shower heads, national standard is 2.5 gallons per minute flow from each shower head.  How many of you have "accidentally" lost the restrictor from the head in order to get more water flow and improve performance?  Shower head manufacturers such as Hansgrohe have started introducing air induced shower heads.  What this technology does is adds air pressure to head which in turn adds pressure to the water coming out of the head and functioning like a high flow head.  Typical air induced heads are flowing at 1.5gpm and feel even better than a standard shower head.  A 10 minute shower equates to a ten gallon per shower savings of water!
Showers with 10 different heads are also becoming a thing of the past, instead of standing in a personal "car wash" how about the luxury of a steam shower.  You can get all of the benefits from cleansing of  toxins from your skin with less than 2 gallons of water and this is for over an hour of pure steaming pleasure.

Lavatory and kitchen faucets have also came out with low flow options, the standard 2.2gpm can really rack up when your rinsing dishes or just brushing your teeth.  Again with air technology, manufacturers are now putting aerators that run effectively at 1.5gpm.

Finally, the big water user, the toilet.  Just 20 short years ago we were flushing over 5 gallons of water per flush, with a change going to 3.5 then 2.5 and presently under 2 gallons per flush is very common.  Manufacturers such as Icera that we talked about last month are even using 1.28 gallons per flush with a better cleaning action of those fixtures from the past at over half the consumption!

The plumbing and hardware experts at Chown Hardware can help guide you through the conservation maze and get you into the most efficient house possible both saving you money and the planets very valuable resource of water.  Give us a call, were here to help!

Remember, we have our close out web site up and running.  It is being updated daily with new specials added all the time.  Book mark the site and check back frequently!  www.chownhardwarecache.com

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!  We're looking forward to the "bright" prospects of 2013 and have quite a few changes this coming year so stay tuned!

As a wrap up of 2012 and some new additions around the Chown showroom, those who visited were treated to a whole new expansion into the lighting world which will expand even more in the first quarter 2013.  Hinkley Lighting, Hubberton Forge, Capital Lighting, Progress Lighting, Norwell & Access Lighting were the main lines available to Chown, and a new addition to the line are displays from Visual Comfort.  Kaye Powell and Jill Torrey will be traveling to the Dallas Lighting Show in a few weeks in search of the newest and hottest additions to the lighting lines we will be offering.

Along with sconces, pendants and chandlers, we have added under cabinet lighting options by  Ledhesive.  We offer LED lighting by the foot along with all of the drivers and connectors to enhance any work space like kitchen counters, craft rooms or just for dramatic effect on raised ceilings, the possibilities are almost endless!  Along with the standard LED tape, we will have weather resistant tape available that you can use outdoors for things like walk ways, BBQ areas or anywhere you need extra light.

To add to the lighting expertise, our own Jill Torrey will be hitting the road to spread the word about our lighting options.  Jill has years of lighting design experience and would be happy to come out to job sites and meet with builders, designers, architects or home owners and help specify lighting needs to your project.  Just give her a call at Chown to set up an appointment!

So, here's wishing you a successful year, we hope you take a minute to drop by the showroom and see all the changes that have happened in 2012 and keep stopping by to see the changes that are in the works for 2013!!